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What’s In Store


It's that time of year folks!
The sun is shining, the days are long and all you want to do is chill out outside, crack open a cold one and get some meat on the barbie.
We can help you out there!
We have a huge selection of amazing sausages (to suits everyones tastebuds), all the cuts of steak imaginable, beef, lamb and chicken kebabs and so much more!
Pop by the store or order your next BBQ dinner
online here!


We like to treat you right here at Howick Village Butchery.
Spend just $60 or more and you will receive half a dozen NZ Free Range Eggs.



"Fantastic friendly service combined with excellent quality meat at a good price. The sausages from here are real sausages that taste the best - they are a favourite at my house."

Simple as that! Our lovely locals know where to come for the best meat around!

We have a huge selection of gourmet sausages that will have your mouth watering. Pop by the store today or Order online for local delivery.


Pleased to announce we're now offering nitrate-free bacon! Always looking to expand our selection to include more options for you wonderful people!

Nitrates and nitrites are frequently added to processed meats like bacon, ham, sausages and hot dogs. They function as preservatives, helping to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. They also add a salty flavour and improve the appearance of the meat products by giving them a red or pink color.

Here at Howick Village Butchery, we want to keep your insides healthy so by stocking nitrate-free Bacon, you can have all the goodness without the guilt.


With over 42 years experience in Butchery, Graham knows a thing or two about meat. Having spent time working within the industry both here in New Zealand and across the pond in the UK, Graham has a broad knowledge and ample experience to offer our customers. Alongside his daughter Melanie, this small team strive to build a strong relationship with local customers offering out of hours service on request and local delivery.
Melanie has been working alongside her Dad since she was 14 and it is clear they have a strong relationship both in and outside of work. Now a mum of 3 herself, Mel excels in managing a business full time around doing school runs and feeding the family every night.
Having lived locally for the past 30 years, it was time for the pair to go into business together so in November 2017 they took over Howick Village Butchery. Now, they strive to offer our customers the best products, for the best price and will do everything they can remain your local supplier of choice.


howick village market

Every Saturday, Howick Village Butchery can be found at the Howick Village Market with a great selection of our fine cuts of meat and sausages.

Market Opening Hours: 8am - 12:30pm

Location: 91 Picton St, Howick, Auckland

Admission: FREE

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